Some of you may have seen the '74 BMW M2 that started as my personal project and, when I couldn't bear to part with it, became my staff pick for the fleet at Classic Car Club Manhattan.

With the M2 nearly dialed in, I had the itch for something new. Also, with all they hype that's been building around air-cooled 911s (which we may partly be responsible for from an episode of /AFTERDRIVE), I really have been feeling left out without an aircooled 911 to call my own.

So, two weekends ago, I'm visiting my folks one Saturday in Maine and in between sandbox time with my boy, I glance at eBay for a second, just long enough to see an interesting looking, pseudo 911R clone pop up in my eBay feed. After digging a little deeper, I saw the reserve was met, the bidding was still low and it was ending in a few hours. Since it was late evening on a Saturday when absolutely no one is watching an eBay auction, the timing couldn't have been more perfect! I set a reminder for myself, tossed in a bid with 20 seconds to go while watching Netflix with the Mrs. and blam! I've got myself a 1967 Porsche for $21,100! Fantastic.

Advertised as a 911 Lightweight / 912 Outlaw Vintage Race Car, it's a 1967 912, converted to a 911 in the early 80's with loads of authentic vintage hotrodder parts... Widened Steelies? Check! Momo Prototipo Wheel? Check! Corduroy RSR style seats? Check! Real RS flares? Check! We're in business! It's also got a real deal, rat rod patina that looks just about perfect on a seriously vintage track toy that's been around the block.

So, I took delivery on Tuesday, but, what do I do now?

It looks like I'll be replacing all of the bushings, the steering rack and the front suspension pan to start since it's fallen victim to the leaky battery rot... Oh, and interior door handles would be nice, probably with some less quilted, RS-style door cards. Honestly though... a bit of tuning to sort out a miss during cold idles, a new steering rack and some fresh bushings and I would be perfectly happy. It's already a blast to drive but with a just a fair bit of tightening and tweaking, it has the potential to be epic.


How about the way it looks? Honestly, if it were just about any other color, I'd probably drive it around with the patina as-is... but I'm not a fan of Red on 911s, so I've got to do something. Phase I will probably involve a rattle can, Phase II assuming I want to actually make it nice someday will likely be something that looks like it fits into the Singer palette.

So this is the part where you all come in. What would you do with my 911(12) Rat Rod? I want your ideas. This could be the Open Source Porsche.... or Open sPorsche?...Of course, I'll mostly likely tell you your ideas are crap and do whatever I want anyway, but hey, it's worth a shot. If I see an idea I like, perhaps I'll listen to you... Or maybe I'll just send you a t-shirt. Either way, get to work, send me some renderings, send me some thoughts (preferably in haiku), send me whatever you think would be cool and let's make ourselves a Porsche!

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