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Now, I'm not saying this is a bad thing, (I love loud cars) but the '14 F-Type takes "from-the-factory" exhaust tuning to a new level. At least Aston Martin hides the loud a little bit, and makes you pull a fuse to get the full glory.


I've got friends who live in a part Pennsylvania where you can be ticketed for ANY type of exhaust louder than 92 dB. This got me thinking...there's no way the exhaust on the V8s is quieter than 92 dB.

According to the V8S hits peak dB under full throttle at 84.2, which I find hard to believe:

So I downloaded a free decibel meter app on my iPhone, and did some highly scientific (not scientific at all) testing:


I set my phone down about a foot behind the car, directly between both exhaust outlets, the first test was startup/idle:


At a constant 91, and a maximum of 101 dB, that is fucking loud. To put it into perspective, a 2014 Mercedes S-Class idles at 37.6 dB.

Then I did a few quick revs with predictable results; it got louder:


So I max'd it out at 104 dB, but CCC mechanic Ethan agreed with me in thinking that if one were measuring the sound of a flyby (crackling overrun included) the F could quite easily break the 110 dB mark.

So does that make it illegally loud? I have no idea; but one thing is for certain, the 2014 Jaguar F-Type V8 is one ridiculously loud machine, right out of the box.


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