We just took possession of this DonQ liveried Porsche Boxster racer, which I have affectionately dubbed "Yellow Submarine". Upon first inspection this Boxster has properly shed all hair-dresser-lady-car connotations. Stripped interior, full roll-cage, exposed shifter, race wheel and seat, fire suppression, the works.

This will not be a CCC fleet car, but we are planning to get it out on the track as soon as the weather gets warm. I say "we" optimistically, in hopes that my boss will read this and maybe, maybe, let me drive it. Probably not. But maybe.

Ethan and I were sent over to check out some smoke coming off the motor. Ethan did the fixin', I did the filmin', and revvin'. Turns out it just needs a coolant overflow bottle; I think a DonQ bottle would be fitting, if we could find a plastic one.

Hopefully in a few months we'll have some video of this thing duking it out on track with our E30 M3, '74 911, Ariel Atom, and Spec Miatas.

Here's a hi-res gallery of the Yellow Submarine:

Click here to view this imgur.com embed.



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