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Join The Club, Drive The Cars
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This weekend’s SCCA MARRS Finale race at Summit Point was run through the weekend with the remnants of Hurricane Joaquin and the southeast’s historic rain event. Needless to say it was very wet, very slick and probably the most fun we’ve had behind the wheel of a race car in a long time. It nearly came to an end in the 3rd lap of the final race as I dodged Ana Broyles’s spinning BMW and dialed in a fistful of reverse lock to avoid smashing into the bridge. I kept it calm, got it back on the tarmac and somehow managed to pick up 1.5 seconds over my previous lap. Apparently, sideways through the grass is the fastest way around the track!


Caption the shrug and shake of the head I give it after it settles down and I point into turn 10.

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