Karting is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to get your butt in a seat racing wheel to wheel, this much we know. Unfortunately most outfits run karts with massive variability in performance with is only amplified by weight differences between drivers. Endurance Karting has upped the ante this year with a tight performance spec and a minimum driver weight for each kart.

That means every driver weighs in pre-race, and the further you are under 185 lbs, the more weight you have to carry. Thus, my skinny ass got weighed way down and I lost any semblance of a weight advantage I used to enjoy. That said, the field was more competitive than I remember from last summer, and the racing was better than ever.

Drivers of any skill level are welcomed, as each team is classed depending on racing experience. In doing so, pretty much everyone who races ends up with a podium finish and they even hand out shiny 1st, 2nd, and 3rd medals. The best part is that Endurance Karting is a traveling outfit, so check out their schedule, chances are they'll be hosting a race near you before the summer ends.

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