For those unfamiliar with Summit Point, turn 4 is a fast, downhill, 90+mph right-hander that can be taken flat out in a spec Miata. Nicknamed "The Chute", it's butt puckering in the dry, but get smacked in the face by Mother Nature as you're hitting turn in, and it's terrifying.

For comparison, here's turns 3, 4, and 5 in the dry.

Our driver was ok, with some minor blows dealt to the car in the form of some bent suspension bits and a cracked front subframe. With a little bit of elbow grease, the #95 will be good as new.

**Bonus Elevation Map of Summit! Turn 4 is the kink near the middle 3/4 the way down the slope.**



This is Classic Car Club Manhattan's Spec Miata Team; Triple-C Racing #95 at Summit Point for the SCCA Labor Day Double Regional Race during the Saturday afternoon STL Qualifying race.


Adam Miller ( is CCC's Membership Director and runs the club's Triple C Racing Spec Miata team in his spare time (he no longer has any spare time).


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