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Threading The Needle In A Spec Miata

I headed to historic Pocono Raceway with Classic Car Club’s in house brawlers - Triple C Racing - for another head-to-head weekend with our friends in the SCCA race paddock.

Sunday’s 40-minute ITS race - a category filled with everything from Civics to 3-series racers - quickly turned into a fantastical fiasco by the second corner. Turn one is a plunge through a gap in the wall into the infield after coming off the NASCAR straight. It can be hard to judge how much speed you’re carrying into the blind corner.


A 944 up in front of me got in a little too hot and oversteered into oncoming traffic, causing a five-car wreck in the process. One part situational awareness, one part quick hands and three parts luck had me threading the needle and ensuring our beloved Miata would race another day…. until the diff blew up, but that’s another story.

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