Sometimes, life throws inconveniences at you. You can deal with it by either passing the problem to someone else, or applying a dose of common sense, a heaping of elbow grease, and take care of it.

Enter CCC member extraordinaire, JLJ. His inconvenience came in the form of a six-point buck that decided to run in front of his Porsche 993 RSR (*replica) near the Blue Ridge Mountains on an epic cross-country trip. The encounter resulted in a cracked up front end and good wallop to the passenger door, rendering the car unfit for the long trip back to Manhattan.

Calling AAA and hiring a flat bed to bring the wounded Porsche back to CCC would just be boring. JLJ's approach to fixing minor inconveniences is to sort them out with a bazooka. So, he picked up an ex-military deuce and a half, loaded the Porker on the back, and convoyed back in time for Thursday's happy hour. Boots on the ground, baby.

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Text: Michael Prichinello

Media: Michael Roselli