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Like you need a reminder... (psh) Anyone who says otherwise is just plain lying.

Something weird has been happening lately. Every car I drive has been affecting me. I never considered myself a "Corvette-guy" but this new Stinging Ray has got me. Got me good. And it's not just the 'Vette; I've also been driving a lot of Subarus, and really liking all of them, which is weird because I don't own any beanies or have a chain attached to my wallet.


Stereotypes about people who drive _____ kind of car, while sometimes true, can be broken quite easily. I've figured out what manufacturers need to do in order to wipe out all the silly "only-old-men-drive-Corvettes" ideas out of our heads; BUILD MORE AWESOME CARS! Here's my reasoning; if more cars really were truly fun to drive, then more people would be more enthusiastic about, them essentially expanding the sample group far beyond just the "all-motor" folks and the "stance" camp.

Basically, I want to see Grandmas driving around in WRX STIs and another equally unlikely people piloting new Corvette Stingrays, and everyone loving every minute of it. Am I offering ours to the public? Absolutely not. Am I awake? Probably not, need some coffee.

Join the Club, Drive the Cars

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